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We are working hard on giving you a great viewing experience, ideally at the end of this year. Sometimes we make mistakes (or our messages end up in your spam folder), so if you feel you have not received your perk(s) please contact us. We want to make sure everyone stays happy about being a part of this project!

March 2018

Overland Expo East - May 2018

We have submitted an excerpt of our feature-length movie to Overland Expo East' film festival. We'll post the video here if our submission is successful.

1st September 2018

End of summer update

It's me again with an update on our movie project. Indiegogo keeps asking me to post news every two weeks. But I didn't think anyone could possibly be interested in reading about how I have been viewing, key-wording and pre-selecting hundreds of hours worth of footage.

I've finally pushed through this unexciting, but necessary pre-editing phase. Currently I'm carving out the story by establishing a rough cut. Skimming through the footage, I sometimes catch myself getting emotional or laughing out loud. Mind I was there when the footage was taken.

You'll be excited to hear that I have commissioned a second editor to help me with the workload. This will make my self-imposed deadline (end of the year) more realistic. And it enables me to also focus on more intricate tasks of the project.

While our talented composer Sascha Knorr and our brilliant motion motion graphic designer Tim Jockel are brainstorming in their areas of responsibility, I have started going through the notes I took during the trip. I re-visited thoughts and ideas that that the film will be a perfect medium for. All in all I'm happy with the direction this project is going. Thank you for being part of this and for your patience. I'll be in touch soon.

Daniel Rintz

31st January 2018

Material, material, material...

I hope everyone had a great start into the new year. Working on the movie has meant plowing through tons of footage so far. Here's what my process looks like:

1. going through all footage and preselecting what's useful

2. grouping the preselected material into chunks that could each make a scene

3. comparing the scenes with my travel notes that I have jotted down during the past three years and determining whether any scene conveys something worthwhile

4. crafting a rough cut from the selected scenes

5. endless hours of tweaking the mess into something watchable.

6. add music, titles, subtitles, motion graphics

7. design and produce DVDs, Blu-rays and downloads

That's just a rough outline... I'm still at stage #1 with lots of work ahead. I'll keep you updated. All the best Daniel and the team.

14th November 2017

HAPPY END of crowdfunding campaign

Dear all,


Our crowdfunding campaign has ended and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. We have put ourselves out there, offering to make a film about an experience that lives very close to our hearts. We are delighted to find that so many of you want to see our film. Your many contributions encourage us to continue to work hard on this project. And be assured that we are much more comfortable with the creative process of filmmaking than raising the money for it.


From now on we will focus our energy on editing and shaping the story. We will dig deep into the hundreds of hours of footage we have accumulated along the way, so we can share with you what we have learnt travelling the world.


We will also start working on getting the first perks produced and get them sent out to you (e.g. calendars). Thank you all for your contributions and trust. Feel free to reach out to us any time if you have any questions.



Daniel, Josie and team.