Just a few shorts we've produced over the years. Enjoy

We produced this short video in Guatemala, it was commissioned by the New York Motorcycle Film Festvial and was used as a trailer to promote their event.

One day ESR, an motorcycle app developer (Eat Sleep Ride) approached us out of the blue. Apparently our film "Somewhere Else Tomorrow" fascinated them and they wanted us to produce one of seven shorts to promote the International Motorcycle Safety Day. We were in South Africa at the time and I thought: "Hey, why not have a female rider - Joey - in the lead role".

At the AIMExpo motorcyle trade fair in Columbus, I was lucky to run into Peter Starr, a film maker legend and stunt rider from Hollywood. Turns out he had a huge impact on our trip without either of us knowing. Check out the clip.

By serendipity I came across the CYF orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. I spent a few days helping out and I fell in love with the kids. This short clip shows what the Open-Explorers fans could do for the kids Christmas 2009

Riding through the Himalayas during winter wasn't very easy. Freezing cold, slippery roads, food poisoning and altitude sickness made it one of the toughest crossing. But given the chance again, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.