0-money means; We started on a zero budget. Every mile we cover and every day we eat, we pay for with money we make along the way.

We are not after any donations. We want to work make our dream happen. However, if you wanna help us reach our goal, here's what you can do:

1. You can buy our movie here and the profit will help us pay for the journey. If you've seen it already, tell friends about it.

2. We are planning to make a new movie which will be about what we've learnt during our journey from Alaska to Argentina, as well as from Cape Town, through Africa back to Europe. We'd be happy if you would contribute to the post-production (example: 1st movie). Please subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know when that happens.

3. Offer or help us find random jobs we can do along the way. Below's what we've done already, but if you have a new idea, we're keen to hear it.

On-location jobs:


• worked on various construction sites

• filmed and edited various documentaries

• helped on farms

• did seasonal fruit picking

• held presentations on adventure travel

• random janitor work

• paint work

• signwriting

• taught groups and individuals how to make websites and use Photoshop and other creative tools

Over the internet:


• designed and built commercial and private websites

• designed fliers, brochures and logos (CI)

• conceptualized and created 2D and 3D animations (technical, comical, abstract, artsy)

• wrote travel stories, provided photographs

• photo-retouching and enhancing

• filmed and edited short travel episodes for TV

• translation work (English < > German)